1. Please send us your forwarding address. 

2. A lock box will be placed on the property 30 days prior to move out. Please notify us if there any days/times you would like to avoid showings of the property.

Note: We do not allow showings earlier than 9:00 am and later than 7:00 pm. 

3. Schedule a day and time for your final walk-through. We understand that this date is not always the lease end date so please let us know when you are ready to turn in keys (all items should be moved out and the home should be cleaned at this time). 

4. Make sure to have all copies of keys available to return for the walk-through. 

5. Post office keys: If mailbox keys were originally issued by the Post Office they should be returned to the Post Office with a change of address notice. 

6. Utilities MUST BE ON during the final inspection. If the utilities are not on for the move-out inspection, tenants will be charged a $75.00 trip charge as stated in your lease. Any delays caused by the utilities not being on will delay the return of your security deposit.

7. Should you need to extend your move out date please contact us immediately. Rent will be prorated until the keys are returned and the final walk through complete. 

8. Your lease agreement requires that you leave the property clean and in the condition in which you found it when you moved in, subject only to normal wear and tear, as per your Move-In Inventory and Condition Form. Download Move out checklist.pdf

Our hope is to return the maximum deposit amount to you. Please note the following is a list of the most common charges assessed after move-outs:
Cleaning: Actual cost of maid service
Utilities: Actual cost for turn on and consumption
Repairs: Actual cost A/C Filter/Actual cost of service call plus service to unit to determine if dirty filter caused any damage
Trash Hauling- Actual cost
Trip Charge- $75.00 fee for missed appointments with staff or vendors

Please reach out if you have any other questions or concerns.